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Jane Williams
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If there were one word that could describe Karl, it would be unique. Or perhaps it would be loyal, or even outrageous.
Karl is many different things to different people, but to those who know him best, he is all these things and a whole lot more.

To me, Karl was a friend who made me laugh a lot. He had a terrific sense of humor and an ability to take the mickey out of himself as much as he did others. Karl spoke his mind freely, he would make observations without hesitation, which made for quick wit and occasional raised eyebrows.

Karl was a free thinker but was none to concerned for what people may think of him. He would often speak his mind and although this may not have appealed to some, to those who are close to him it meant that you always knew where you stood. It also meant you were constantly amused at the various thoughts that Karl would entertain.

Karl was a great skier. He took the sport up quite late but quickly made up for lost time and with the help of two ski seasons in North America he soon mastered the art.
With more speed than style, more late nights than early starts, Karlos revealed some of the traits that were indicative of his character he rose to any challenge and he had no fear. I look forward to introducing Marlow to the sport that his dad loved so much.

Karl was a very generous guy. He was far too concerned with people around him having a good time than to be caught up with money! And Karl certainly knew how to have a good time. I have the bail receipts from three American jails to prove it! But he was also generous in spirit, and nothing was ever too much trouble for Karl when it came to looking after his friends.

Karl was smart. At school he came across as a mathematical or chemistry-type student, well a bit of a geek actually, but he applied himself to subjects such as history and geography. He marks were good, despite his attitude and he was always going to excel at university. His passion for geography extended outside the lecture theatre and Karl became an intrepid traveler. I still have a postcard from him in Nepal, as he trekked the Himalayas when his mind was truly one with the mountains!

Karl was a crazy bugger. He once made a bet with Stew Collingwood to jump off Princess Bridge for 100 bucks fully clothed. Before Stew could even accept the bet, Karl had whipped off his shoes and was in the Yarra. I don't know if Karl ever received the money for completing the bet and I don't think he cared.

Karl was a close friend for over twenty years. There have been times when oceans have separated us, but we've kept in touch and others when we have lived together, but been distant, but I always knew that Karl would be there for me and for that he was like a brother.

It has been a great shame that I have been in the UK over the last few years a time that Karl had been both the happiest and his most unwell. He was incredibly lucky to have met his soul mate in Jules and for them to have had such a happy, healthy child together in Marlow. It's just such so unfair that their life together has been cut so short. But I am sure that Karl would not have lived this long had it not been for the love and support he received from you Jules and words cannot describe what a wonderful person you are.

Karlos was also fortunate to have had such a close and supportive family, and my thoughts are with Margot, Neville, Roxane and Merry, today and for the days to come.

Karl had said that he had beaten death on more than a dozen previous occasions and for a while I thought he was going to defy death once more. He showed such courage, determination and positivity in fighting that tumor that anything was going to be possible. I never heard him complain about his illness he never asked 'why me?' He simply got on with his life and lived it to the full.
As he always did.

Pablo, The Jackal, Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Peterson, Klaussen, Karlos. I'm going to miss you mate.
You gave this life a bloody good crack and I'm glad to have shared a bit of it with you.

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