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Jane Williams
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It's very hard to lose a much-loved son ...and it's not so easy to talk about him either, just today.

But first I want to thank you all for making substantial journeys to come to this place that Karl and Jules bought together and which he simply loved. You've come from New Zealand, Perth, Sydney, Hobart, country Victoria and Melbourne. And those are just the ones I know about. Thank you all for coming to farewell Karl ... and to help us all support each other at this time.

During Karl's illness, there's one thing Margot and I will never forget. Margot spoke of Karl's great courage ... but the courage of our dear daughter-in-law, Jules, as she nursed him through his final illness to keep him at home, as he had asked her to try to do, was simply extraordinary.

If Karl were Friday's child, I think he might also have been a snow-elf. He loved his skiing. And I think he was good at it, just like he was at rugby, and schoolboy football, and cricket.

The problem is that he knew no fear. Once he phoned me from Vale, having broken yet another bone, and said: 'I must try to remember. I am not a bird'.

So I'd like to read you a very short poem - about the wind and the snow. Karl used to write poetry himself, from time to time, and you heard some of it a moment ago. This is by an American woman from the early 1900s, who wrote just with the initials 'HD'. It's called: 'Never More Will The Wind'.

Never more will the wind
cherish you again,
never more will the rain.

Never more
shall we find you bright
in the snow and wind.

The snow is melted,
the snow is gone,
and you are flown:

Like a bird out of our hand,
like a light out of our heart,
you are gone.
Hilda Doolittle (HD)

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