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Jane Williams
(an introduction)
Julie Buxton Margot Yeomans Neville Yeomans
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It is with a sense of honour, privilege and sorrow that I am here today to share in this formal farewell to Karl and offer strength and support to those closest to him ... Jules, Marlow, Margot, Neville and Roxanne, also to those of us whose lives have been touched by him.

50 years ago I had the joy of meeting Margot (Mig) and her family at the seaside village of Tootgarook. Tootgarook means 'croaking frogs', but to us it was more 'laughing tadpoles' ... we enjoyed a sense of the ridiculous.

George, Muriel, Grant, Margot and Merrie were zany, warm, creative, generous, spontaneous and intelligent ... characteristics also evident in Karl ...and I hold a deep respect for our enduring friendship.

About 40 years ago, instead of joining me on the Big OE, Margot chose to marry Neville. A much wiser move!

With their two lovely children they lived overseas while Neville pursued his illustrious academic career.

Mig tells the story of leaving for Denmark; they had checked their luggage and should have had 5 pieces but only had 4. They discovered that Karl's grandmother Muriel and Aunty Merrie had hidden Karl and his luggage behind a pillar so that they could keep this endearing little boy in Australia!

I married a Kiwi, Owen, who is unable to be here today, and went to live in Auckland. (a domicile now shared by Roxane, Matthew and their 3 beautiful children).

Mig and Neville returned to Crellin Grove where Roxanne and Karl attended the local kindergarten, Primary School, P.L.C. and Scotch College. There are many people here today who grew up with them.

Tales of our children's' adventures and misadventures filtered across the Tasman. Karl's somewhat more on or over the edge!!

I was able to get to know Karl more when he came over to "check out NZ". He stayed with us, where his winning smile caused a few heart flutters for both our daughters! Muriel had often said Karl could be forgiven anything because of that endearing smile.

The palm at the church today reminds me of the time when we shared a claim to fame with Karl by participating in a rather dodgy production of the opera Aida in Auckland.

Anna was a royal attendant, I was a hidden singing nymph and Karl was a palm- carrying slave. Owen was a priest standing near Karl on the stage where Karl kept waving the palm in front of Owen's face to make him laugh!

Anecdotes of Karl's exploits abound with his wickedness, fearlessness and freedom of spirit. For me the memory that I hold dear is of his literary skill and sensitivity.

These were evident in the poem he wrote for a significant birthday for Margot, a copy of which I've kept for 10 years.


There's a place far away where the Miggy tree grows;
Where small yellow ducks ride white speckled does.
And the frogs of the marsh, with their top hat and tails,
Play croquet and coits with the voles of the vales.

There's been talk in these parts, for an awfully long while,
That this splendid old tree is able to smile.
At dawn. At dusk. When the stars greet the moon,
The Miggy Tree's grin will faithfully bloom.

So gen'rous of heart, of flowers and fruit,
The Miggy Tree's gifts make wealthy men mute.
The passing of years has naught shown sign
of quelling this flair, that ensures all feel fine.

Sat on a hill, of daisies and moss,
Where fairies rub rubies; revamping their gloss.
So long has she grown, so high does she soar,
Her branches, her leaves of her they adore.

A painter with paints went to her one day.
Set up her easel. Bid her G'dday.
He swished and he dapped in 'is Impressionist's way,
Modelling his art on that French bloke Monet.

Immortal or not, she' a marvellous tree,
Always most loved, by all will she be.
As a seed from the warmth of this plants' woody tum,
I thank God and the Stars for my Miggy Tree mum.

(Karl Yeomans, 20th July 1996).

Life is sometimes referred to as a tapestry and acknowledging Margot's skills perhaps that analogy is an appropriate one.
In creating a design a thread may inexplicably break but the preceding image remains.

We all have our images of Karl and Jules, as Karl's wife and soul mate, has his legacy in the gift of the new thread with Marlow.

Before Julie speaks Margot and Neville wanted me to express how wonderful Jules has been with her care that enabled Karl to be at home


As a little boy Karl love Christmas and was always wanting to catch up the 2 year gap between himself and Roxanne so he could get more Christmas presents! Very recently, Grant and Brenda were in the kitchen at 17 Crellin Grove. Suddenly the sound of a song burst out from the room where Karl was. Karl and Merrie were singing and thumping out "The Little Drummer Boy", Karl's favourite Christmas song.
* TOM DUGDALE of the Gertrude Singers will now lead us in the singing of "The Little Drummer Boy".
* School friends ...with tales of Karl
* Refreshments will be served at Pier 10 after the service
* BELINDA COHEN will sing "I've been High" as sung at Karl's and Jules's wedding at Palm Cove 6 months ago today.
* Several songs will follow, please maintain silence as you go outside, you will be given a balloon, please allow Jules and Marlow to release theirs first.

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